Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mad as a Hatter

Happy Spring!

Don't know why, but spring time always makes me think of Alice, probably because it is colorful and silly. Speaking of silly...

"'Mad as a hatter' In 18th and 19th century England mercury was used in the production of felt, which was used in the manufacturing of hats common of the time. People who worked in these hat factories were exposed daily to trace amounts of the metal, which accumulated within their bodies over time, causing some workers to develop dementia caused by mercury poisoning. Thus the phrase 'Mad as a Hatter' became popular as a way to refer to someone who was perceived as insane."

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Heads...

...Are better than one. 

(My 'Spookery' Board)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Halloween 2012: Decor Pics

Just a few cool shots from my Halloween decor from 2012, never got a chance to post them...

Since I have my vintage camera collection in my bookcase, I decided that this area should be the spirit photography/seance section.

I usually like to keep the cute, vintage decorations in the kitchen and dining room, keeps things feeling nostalgic and homey.

Decided to bring my Scarecrow from my parents house so I could set it up at my place. I like how he ended up towering over the balcony, gives him a real spook factor.

But don't worry I didn't rob my mom's place of all the Halloween decorations, she has a lawn so we set up our graveyard outside. The best part is that we now have newer gravestones that my mom made during the spring for my movie Avery Parrish Thieves.

    For some reason red was my color this year, not only for my Lydia Deetz costume, but for blood splatter too. And speaking of left over props from Avery Parrish Thieves, I had a bloody sheet left over from one of our shoots and decided to hang it above our snack table, though I can't seem to find those photos. But trust me, it made everything look delicious...

   Still going along with the blood theme, I was very much inspired by blood splatter this year months ago decided that I would make my place look more gruesome than usual. Living the glamourous apartment life with white walls, I wanted to cover them with blood to really make them pop, but when I began looking for wall decals of blood splatter all I found were cheesy stick-ons, most likely with grease in them to end up giving my walls grease stains. So I figured, why not make my own decals? It was even easier than I thought it would be.

   All I had to buy was a roll of contact paper and some acrylic red paint. I rolled out large and medium sized portions of the contact paper on the floor, taped them down, poured the paint into a small bowl and used a sponge brush to dip into the paint and make the spooky blood splatter come to life (you can add a bit of brown paint in there to look more realistic probably, but I didn't have time). I have to say it was actually really easy, fun, and cheap. After I let them dry throughout the day, I stuck them right onto the walls for my party. On Halloween night I posted them on the windows hoping to get some trick 'r treaters...

Turns out we only had two. What is happening to the world!?

Overall I am pretty proud of how things turned out and those trick 'r treaters who never showed up totally missed out.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Conjuring

This looks pretty awesome. I didn't care much for Insidious (in fact I've come to call in In-shit-ious from time to time...) but this really does look like a thriller I would like. We'll just have to see... 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Stomach Hurts From Laughter!!!

This might just be one of Adam's funniest AYAOTD summaries yet!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dreams Really Do Come True!

I am very happy to announce that I now work at the Happiest Place on Earth!
Come and visit Disneyland and meet some of your favorite characters, I'll be hosting!