Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Costume for 2011...

Marie Antoinette

This year was a year like no other. While working on a stage production of Sherlock Holmes, two theatre festivals (one scene/short play from each), improv rehearsals and shows, and several film projects up in the air, I have been a very busy girl! However, I did not let these other passions of mine get in the way of my passion for Halloween and I still managed to throw the annual party, put together a costume, and decorate my new place. When it came to this year's costume, I had been wanting to dress up like Marie Antoinette since last year, after buying a white petticoat from a thrift store for my 2010 costume, The Crone from Sleepy Hollow. It was the only article to the costume that I had had until this summer when I did a little more shopping.

After visiting a few thrift stores, I found a white blouse that had some ruffles and a rather interesting collar that I felt could work, and a pair of shoes that had the perfect shape. I then visited the fabric store and bought lots of trim, and some fabric that luckily was on sale! Another vital item I scored big time on, was the corset, thank goodness for sales again, because I got mine for only 25 dollars (originally 60!). And last, but not least, some other important accessories to go along.

I used some Sarri fabric for the skirt (which I pinned over the petticoat) and added some trim to the slit in the center. For the shoes, I used some gold/yellow fabric to cover them and then decorated them with more trim and a really neat pendent I found in the bead section at the craft store. I honestly don't know how I managed to pull off the shoes, but they were decorated, none the less.



The blouse I bought from a thrift store was originally white so, of course I dyed it pink! I didn't mean to dye it that bright, but I feel it still looked pretty good with the whole costume. I took the sleeves in a little bit and added some lace cuffs to them. For the corset, I added lots of extra trim and a traditional 18th century design down the center.

After all that, it was time to tease my hair up, put my face on, and start pouring on the blood...