Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Calling All Haunters!

I saw this link on PumpkinRot's Blog and thought it'd be good to share it here too, in case any haunters may be interested.

"Magic Stone Productions and Brainstorm Media are producing an Untitled Homemade Haunted House Feature Documentary for a NBCUniversal cable network and are looking for participants."

Click Here For More Info: Homemade House of Horrors

Decor: Snake Wreath

Very cool idea.

Paranormal Activity 3

Yes, they made it into a trilogy! Which can be great... or it can also be bad. However, judging by the new trailer I am certainly willing to give it a chance.

Click to Watch:

Goodies: Bath & Body Works Halloween Collection

Cutesy, but fun none the less. I shall have to pay a visit to the mall and do the smell test.

The Woman in Black

This teaser trailer is giving me high expectations. I simply can't wait to see this!

Click to Watch:

Friday, August 5, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

+ 500

... If I am correct, that is. Yes, there are 500 new photos in my Flickr Favorites! So sit back, relax, play the music of your choice, and enjoy the randomness within the slideshow of my Flickr Faves.


90 days... until we can all play dress-up...