Friday, September 1, 2017

"Magic & Mayhem" is Marvelous

(Image Source: Roger's Gardens)

   Had such a wonderful time checking out the new Halloween Boutique at Roger's Gardens last night with my good friend Megan. Having both worked at Roger's together during last year, Megan and I loved visiting as customers, embracing that element of surprise - especially since we were captivated by the entire execution. The display was haunting, yet beautiful as always, with a little something for every kind of haunter. Overall, I am in love with the theme which felt very Harry Potter (specifically Diagon Alley -like) in all the best ways; wizardry, magic gone awry, and the spooky Old World feel. 

(Image Source: Roger's Gardens)

Luckily they've just posted their annual video documenting the haunt so you can take a look now:

Here are a BUNCH of photos of my own:

Be sure to view Roger's Gardens' detailed galleries too:

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(Image Source: Roger's Gardens)