Saturday, December 6, 2014


     For one of my recent directing projects I chose to do a short inspired by a scene in the film Wait Until Dark from the 1960s. The film stars Audrey Hepburn who plays a blind woman who must defend herself from intruders, one of which is played by Alan Arkin. The film is based on a play by Frederick Knott (who also wrote Dial M for Murder) so it's got a strong dose of suspense, which I love. One of my favorite scenes in the film is in the beginning when Audrey Hepburn arrives home and walks past the body of a dead girl, and doesn't even know it, I just had to nod to this fantastic scene by re-creating it in my own way.

Here it is: 

It Was A Good One, Fall

Hoping everyone had a lovely Halloween and Thanksgiving, can't believe I haven't posted anything all month, been a busy semester, especially as it gets closer to the end. It seems that Christmas time is already upon us, in that case, good-bye Fall, you were fantastic. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sabrina the Teenage Witch - Halloween Episodes

     To this day, I'm not a morning person - I'm just a night owl, can't help it. I've never fit in with my family this way, so growing up, every morning was difficult dealing with me. I was ALWAYS late, and if not late, I was throwing a fit for everyone rushing me out of the house before I wanted to go. Fridays however, were different. Most mornings, I'd roll over and remain cozy in bed until it was absolutely necessary to get up (in other words, five minutes before class started). But when I did this on Fridays, my mom would say, "hey don't you want to get up? It's Friday, Sabrina the Teenage Witch will be on tonight." Sure enough, it'd do the trick, and all day I'd look forward to seeing Salem talk on TV (always secretly wishing my black cat, Bagheera, would talk and make jokes like he did).

Luckily I found a few episodes on YouTube, so here are the Halloween episodes, Happy Haunting 90's kids! 

Season 1- A Halloween Story (Click Below)

Season 3 - (Click Below)

Season 4 - (Click Below)

Season 5 - (Click Below)

Season 6 - (Click Below)

Couldn't find the Season 2 Halloween Episode, but figured I'd share "The Crucible" episode, one of my favorites. 

(Click Below)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Psychotic Girl

For my cinematography class, I was assigned a natural/daylight project so I decided to film some evening imagery with my friend Katy and set it to "Psychotic Girl" by the Black Keys (not really supposed to use songs with lyrics or make it music video-like, so next time it'll be much simpler).
For those who like murder...

Monday, October 6, 2014

Porcelain Gore

Jessica Harrison's figurines - need I say anything?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lawson House

"No one knows who lives there… aside from a number of mannequins with a habit of changing clothing and moving on their own during the night."

More mannequin mysteries from Roadtrippers and Oddity Central...

"The Corpse Bride of Mexico"

" According to an urban legend, La Pascualita isn’t a dummy at all, but the perfectly preserved corpse of the previous owner’s daughter."

Wax figure?Mannequin? Or corpse?
 Either way it's a pretty neat urban legend!
(The hands are the creepiest part if you ask me...)

Read More Here: Roadtrippers, Oddity Central

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sandra the New Martha?


     I've been a Sandra Lee fan for years, admiring her style, her table-scapes, her cocktails, how her kitchen always matches what she's cooking and baking that day, and her overall fun personality - she's like the barbie I always wanted to be! As much as I adore Martha, who's style is iconic and a one of a kind, Sandra always has a much warmer personality and vibe. And although their approaches differ, Martha being the up-scale entertainer and Sandra going with the semi-homeade method, I still feel Sandra is just as great of a home-entertainer as Martha - both of whom highly influence my Halloween season each year.

   Needless to say, I was very happy to see Sandra Lee's special Halloween issue on the stands the other day - a new magazine to add to the collection! The formatting was very much like Martha's special Halloween issues as it too included the double cover - one side for tricks and one side for treats - and, of course, Sandra in costume. Table-scapes, treats, and a lot of recipes for fall baking - definitely check it out!

Hello October!

In case you haven't heard, I'm replacing Bloody Mary...

No but really, I am the ultimate pumpkin spice-latte-ordering/apple-picking/fall-leaves-loving white girl. 
But hey, it's OCTOBER - that's what I do! Bust out the cider, candles, and Halloween dec's, I say.

More Autumn Fabulousness on my Pinterest! (Cause that's what white girls do...)
#Haunterlife for novelty Halloween goodness, and Autumn for all those pumpkins!

Silhouettes by Jordan

Speaking of silhouettes...

I met Jordan Monsell, an extremely nice guy and incredibly talented artist, at Scare LA back in August and I absolutely love his work!

Keep updated with new silhouettes, events, and more when you "Like" his Facebook page, Silhouettes by Jordan

And don't forget to check out Silhouette's by Jordan on Etsy and purchase your favorites.

Here's one of the silhouettes I just couldn't resist!

While at Scare LA, my friend Angela (obsessed with the Scream series) spoke with Jordan and mentioned that Ghost Face would be an awesome silhouette to have. A little while later, I checked my Facebook updates on my phone. Being a fan of Jordan's Facebook page already, this happened to be the first thing I saw when I logged on:

Of course, Angela and I dashed back to Jordan's booth to purchase Ghost Face!


So in love with my new Headless Horseman Apple Decal!

More decals here: Suzie Automatic Etsy

Friday, September 26, 2014

Krispy Kreme AND Ghostbusters?!

Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pumpkin Spice Doughnut... oh wait, the tastiest place on earth, just got tastier... or at least more popular... with its new Ghostbuster themed doughnuts, coming soon! In honor of the 30th anniversary re-release of Ghostbusters, Krispy Kreme brings you these (and they are making me hungry already): 

More treats here; Krispy

Dressing Martha!

        Let's be honest, I would probably shit a brick if I came face-to-face with my domestic hero/holiday guru, let alone, was asked to design her next Halloween costume. With Martha's new Shriek or Chic challenge, these young designers get to do just that! Can't wait to see what these girls design for her. Although, I feel funny watching it, as I know her holiday issues and costumes so well - probably even better than these girls do. It's like watching Project Runway, but actually knowing how to win the challenge better than the designers. Quick, take me to Mood! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Roger's Gardens!

Every year, a must-see. 

More info here; Roger's

Jo-ann's Halloween Fabric?

Stepped into Jo-ann's to get some costume ideas and happened to see these surprisingly awesome Halloween fabrics. 

Like, c'mon. This is pretty badass for Jo-ann...

This one is filled with glitter, so naturally I love it.

I'd love a fleece blanky out of this one!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Madame Talbot

      Another great find at Pandora's Parlor is the art of Madame Talbot. These posters are beautiful, spooky, and an all-new favorite of mine. I bought myself a whole new friend, his name is Whiskey Jack.

  To view and purchase these fantastically gothic posters, check out Madame Talbot's website here
Here are a few more of my favorites from the website - definitely going to have to purchase a few more of these... I not only love how intricate the designs are, but I love how each poster (especially the historical or literary ones) is detailed in accuracy and specificity. Seriously these may be my new obsession...

Madame Talbot also has a unique gallery that displays the "Poster Progress," a behind the scenes, if you will, to these amazing works of art.