Sunday, August 24, 2014

Madame Talbot

      Another great find at Pandora's Parlor is the art of Madame Talbot. These posters are beautiful, spooky, and an all-new favorite of mine. I bought myself a whole new friend, his name is Whiskey Jack.

  To view and purchase these fantastically gothic posters, check out Madame Talbot's website here
Here are a few more of my favorites from the website - definitely going to have to purchase a few more of these... I not only love how intricate the designs are, but I love how each poster (especially the historical or literary ones) is detailed in accuracy and specificity. Seriously these may be my new obsession...

Madame Talbot also has a unique gallery that displays the "Poster Progress," a behind the scenes, if you will, to these amazing works of art.  

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  1. I love these, and have done since I first saw 'em! Thanks for sharing!