Saturday, August 23, 2014

Scare LA Screening Experience


      Sorry I've not yet posted about my awesome Scare LA experience yet, but I figured I'd begin with the screening of Séance. It was really fun to see the short projected hugely like this and it was great to hear people's funny reactions to the fortune-seekers getting attacked. After getting a pretty strong round of applause, I was pretty happy with the showing. I was pretty pleased with how they organized the whole event, although I do wish they would have had a meet-up or mixer at some point for the filmmakers to get to know each other, only because it was hard to catch some of them; with all the fun going on downstairs at the convention, who could blame them for not sticking around for every movie. Overall, I really enjoyed the screening, as well as the whole convention. Monsters, shopping, art, and so much more!

    Also, I was super happy to get a few photos of Swamp Foetus being screened as well! Check them out here at Pumpkin Rot's amazing blog; What's Brewing. The audience was very impressed with it - you could tell by the "cool"'s and the "aw sick"'s... hey, it's California. 


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