Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Mad Bombers

Who wouldn't want a bath with these brilliant and badass bath bombs?

The Mad Bombers Etsy Shop is to die for...

And don't forget some lotion for after your bath, after all, "it rubs the lotion on its skin..."

(Images from The Mad Bombers Etsy Shop)

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Astonishing Legends

   I'm only recently getting into the fun world of listening to podcasts - and boy have I been missing out on some great work! One podcast in particular has been getting my full attention lately, and that is Astonishing Legends.

(Image Source: Astonishing Legends)

   I have been commuting up to Hollywood a few times a week now and although Orange County isn't too far, and you wouldn't think it would take so long to get there - traffic is pure hell. So thankfully, I have Scott Philbrook and Forrest Burgess to keep me company with their exploration into some of the world's most fascinating legends, stories about the paranormal, and some of history's biggest mysteries.

   I've been listening to other paranormal podcasts too, but somehow I always end up going right back to Astonishing Legends. There's just something about listening to these two guys hash out the intricacies of some of these ever-mysterious legends, and they do so in well-researched detail so you really feel you're getting as much of the story as possible. They take a look at each of their cases, tales, and legends with both an open mind, and a logical one, so there's always a fun sense of mystery, yet a satisfying sense you have an idea (or several) of what really happened there.

(Image Source: Bloody Disgusting, by pUmpkinhead666) 

   At some point, I'll have to share more links to some of their other intriguing episodes, but in light of the recent release of The Mothman of Point Pleasant (special thank you to my good friend Pumpkin Rot for bringing this new documentary to my attention), I figured I'd share a few links to their recent series of episodes, which also discusses the legend and theories regarding the infamous Mothman. Again, I love how in-depth their research is, and how they break down bits and pieces of these complex mysteries we have wondered so much about; their "Mothman" series of episodes is no exception.

Click on the images for links to each episode of the "Mothman" series, Part 1:

(Image Source: Astonishing Legends)

Part 2:

(Image Source: Astonishing Legends)

Part 3: 

(Image Source: Astonishing Legends)

Part 4 A:

(Image Source: Astonishing Legends)

Part 4 B:

(Image Source: Astonishing Legends)

Here's a recent follow up episode (which I very much enjoyed): 
"Richard Hatem, Screenwriter of the Mothman Prophecies"

(Image Source: Astonishing Legends)

For more interesting podcasts, visit their main page: