Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sabrina the Teenage Witch - Halloween Episodes

     To this day, I'm not a morning person - I'm just a night owl, can't help it. I've never fit in with my family this way, so growing up, every morning was difficult dealing with me. I was ALWAYS late, and if not late, I was throwing a fit for everyone rushing me out of the house before I wanted to go. Fridays however, were different. Most mornings, I'd roll over and remain cozy in bed until it was absolutely necessary to get up (in other words, five minutes before class started). But when I did this on Fridays, my mom would say, "hey don't you want to get up? It's Friday, Sabrina the Teenage Witch will be on tonight." Sure enough, it'd do the trick, and all day I'd look forward to seeing Salem talk on TV (always secretly wishing my black cat, Bagheera, would talk and make jokes like he did).

Luckily I found a few episodes on YouTube, so here are the Halloween episodes, Happy Haunting 90's kids! 

Season 1- A Halloween Story (Click Below)

Season 3 - (Click Below)

Season 4 - (Click Below)

Season 5 - (Click Below)

Season 6 - (Click Below)

Couldn't find the Season 2 Halloween Episode, but figured I'd share "The Crucible" episode, one of my favorites. 

(Click Below)

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