Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sandra the New Martha?


     I've been a Sandra Lee fan for years, admiring her style, her table-scapes, her cocktails, how her kitchen always matches what she's cooking and baking that day, and her overall fun personality - she's like the barbie I always wanted to be! As much as I adore Martha, who's style is iconic and a one of a kind, Sandra always has a much warmer personality and vibe. And although their approaches differ, Martha being the up-scale entertainer and Sandra going with the semi-homeade method, I still feel Sandra is just as great of a home-entertainer as Martha - both of whom highly influence my Halloween season each year.

   Needless to say, I was very happy to see Sandra Lee's special Halloween issue on the stands the other day - a new magazine to add to the collection! The formatting was very much like Martha's special Halloween issues as it too included the double cover - one side for tricks and one side for treats - and, of course, Sandra in costume. Table-scapes, treats, and a lot of recipes for fall baking - definitely check it out!


  1. As much as I love Martha, I am fast becoming a disciple of Sandra simply because of the do-ability of her recipes and projects.

  2. Yes, me too! I really love the semi-homeade approach. It goes to show you can create martha-like stuff without spending a fortune or bending over backwards.