Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Costume for 2010

Sorry it's taken me so long to reveal what my costume was this year, but here it is: The Witch from Sleepy Hollow, otherwise known as 'The Crone.'

Here I am in the costume:

I must give thanks to my friends and family members for taking such cool photos.

I have always thought it would be cool to do this costume for Halloween.

I remember in my sophomore year of High School, my theatre class was going to a drama festival where one of the categories was 'Scenes from Film' and my group ended up choosing it. Soon, as we were coming up with ideas for what movie to do, Sleepy Hollow came up and we knew we had to do it. We realized with our small group the only scene we could end up doing was the scene with the Crone. I then said, "Could I be the witch?"

We ended up having a great time and I loved playing the Crone. We realized how hard our category was because we couldn't use music or special effects like in the film, but instead had to adapt it to the stage. Overall, the scene ended up being fun to perform, though I doubt it was all that great to watch, may have been awkward to see it without all the music and special effects.

For the costume I went to the thrift store and found a white petticoat, a white corset (or something that looked like it), and found a quarter-length t-shirt from target with lace sleeves. After I got these I dyed the shirt and then bought some gray/blue fabric which I then sponge painted with silver paint and glitter. After that I attached the fabric to the corset and then attached cheese cloth to the skirt. For the back of the costume, I attached fabric and some gray gauze to the back of the shirt so that it would fall straight down and look like one of the dress styles from the 18th century. After that I made sure the entire top part of the costume had some fake spider webs all over it. Once the costume was done, I made the veil. I glued a black rose and black leaves to a tiara and then attached more gray gauze for the veil.

I'd like to take some full shots of the costume soon so that it can be seen better...


  1. That costume is gorgeous! Looks like a fun party, the decor looks beautiful!

  2. You look AMAZING.
    Great costume and photos.

  3. Turned out amazing! Love that last photo!

  4. Thanks so much, it was lots of fun to decorate and to have people over for Halloween :)

  5. LOVE the costume! What a great idea, from a great flick! The beauty of it is, even if folks don't "get" what character you are, you still look perfect for Halloween! Great job!!!

  6. Thanks! I was surprised that most people did know who I was. I had always wanted to do that costume for Halloween too :)