Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I know PumpkinRot had this beautiful photo on his blog recently too, but I felt it really captured the entire mood and atmosphere of Halloween. Anyway, I must apologize for doing so little blog posts in the past few days, including tonight. Obviously I was very busy but I promise to post some pics from our Halloween party and our fun decor. I also apologize for not doing enough posts for my Halloween Movie Countdown. I only posted about, what, seven movies?Next year, I will definitely be on top of my game... hopefully.


  1. Hope your Hallowe'en was fantastic!

    I feel ya on the whole not having enough time thing! We had inventory at work, which pretty much took up the entire month! I had next to NO time at all to work on any of my projects. Most sit in the garage, incomplete or in pieces. On the plus side...I'm ahead of the game for NEXT year!

  2. Happy Halloween! I hope you had a fun filled day.

  3. Thanks, it was pretty fun! Yeah, Gill-Man, at least you will be prepared for the fun to come next year :)