Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dead Over Heels

In 2008 and 2009, my film class entered a film contest called Best Fest: 48 Hours of Madness, where you have to make a movie in 48 hours. For the contest, they give you a script (with an ending you must come up with) that you have to use, but the script is always so incredibly awful that no one ends up using it. What we would usually do is create whatever type of movie we wanted but kept the theme of the story. Quite a few people had caught on to this trend and began making their movies as different as they could too, while some still stuck to the script. In 2008, our group chose to do a parody of a 1950's television show. We called it Keeping Up With The Jones', and we ended up winning first place. (Keep in mind they made us use product placement) That year (2008) the script was about three people who find themselves in some dark place and this spooky guy tells them they have five minutes left to live. We decided to just use that "you have five minutes left to live," part.
The next year, the judges decided to choose films that followed the script as closely as possible so all the films that were abstract and creative were unrecognized. During the festival we saw this entry and loved it. It was an extremely creative way to keep the theme of the script that they gave us, which was about not changing yourself for others. We were so bummed we it didn't win any awards, it was definitely one of the best films in the festival.

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