Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Movie Countdown: "An American Haunting"

This film is based on the true story of The Bell Witch, a nasty poltergiest that haunted the Bell family in 1818 in Adams, Tennessee. It is said that John Bell came across a strange looking animal (described as having the body of a dog and the head of a rabbit). After trying to shoot it, it vanished.

After this incident, strange things began to happen... The events that occurred included scratching gnawing sounds that were heard outside the house (which apparently made their way inside). Soon there were tapping noises, objects being moved on their own, and what's even creepier is that this entity became very vocal. Apparently it was able to communicate very well and even have conversations, sing, and quote scriptures.

An American Haunting certainly has its moments. I have always been interested in paranormal activity, particularly the work of poltergeists, so this film was right up my alley.

After seeing the movie I really liked some of the scary moments: Betsy getting tossed around by the invisible force, the bible being ripped to pieces... some pretty spooky stuff.

However, as the movie ends, it's plot twist reveals why these events took place, why Betsy and John Bell were the main victims in the haunting. Of course, it's just the director's interpretation, or theory. Overall, this is definitely a good, spooky movie to watch as Halloween approaches.


  1. This is one I REALLY wanted to see in theaters, but somehow never got around to it. Still need to rent it...or maybe I should just bite the bullet and buy it?

  2. It's pretty good, somewhat strange twist, but i guess it works. Anyway, you should at least rent it.