Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween Movie Countdown: "Tower of Terror"

As a count down to Halloween, I will be posting about movies that I like to tune into every year as Halloween approaches. Some of the films on my Ultimate Halloween Movie List are universal classics, while some are just trips down memory lane and hold a strong sentimental value.

Speaking of which, the movie I have chosen to post about today, Tower of Terror, falls right into that category. It's got all those classic Disney elements: charm, cheese, atmosphere, and a well-structured story.

Tower of Terror is full of Halloween elements as well as some cheesy goodness. Steve Guttenburg's corny acting and reaction shots, Kirsten Dunst's 90's grunge outfits, a crazy old witch, some very communicative ghosts, and some fun plot twists along the way are what make this silly film a Halloween classic from my generation.

As for some trivia, turns out that the director of this movie also directed about 21 episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark from 1991-1996. Anyway I found the movie on YouTube and hope you enjoy it!

Here's the first part of the movie 1/10:


  1. Tower of Terror! I don't think I saw this one but Kirsten Dunst...that takes me back to the 90s!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this idea! Great way to get exposed to films I may not be familiar with! Thanks!

    Not familiar with this film...but I've been on the ride at DisneyWorld! My kids loved the ride as well, so this flick may be a perfect Halloween-season viewing for us as a family!

  3. 90's indeed! It's a really cute and fun movie that's perfect for this time of year and I think the kids will like it, I sure did when I was little!