Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012...

    I am a terrible blogger. Not only did I not continue with my Halloween Movie Countdown, as I had hoped, but I also failed at posting anything this entire month! I guess that's how it is being a part time haunter and a busy college student involved in film, theatre, and improv.
    Despite my lack of blog activity, I still managed to have a fun-filled Halloween with many of my closest friends, but continued to keep all of my east coast haunters in my thoughts and prayers during all of the chaotic weather. It's upsetting anytime something gets in the way of our favorite holiday, but more disturbing, of course, when something this massive disturbs one's daily life. I wish them all the best as they return home and deal with getting back to normalcy.
   Again, sorry for posting so little this season, I'll soon post some photos of my halloween festivities and costume and continue sharing all bits of spookery that strike my fancy as they come...

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