Sunday, April 5, 2015

Scary Stories: A Documentary

Our favorite childhood book series is not only on its way to being a feature film (see more here, let's just cross our fingers and hope they don't mess it up), but it may also soon be the subject of an in-depth documentary which will focus on the lure and love of the series as well as its controversy. Gammell's art has haunted us and Schwartz' stories have frightened us for decades. Now, filmmaker Cody Meirick wants to discuss the series and all it has become. 

To donate money, visit their IndieGoGo page here! And also check out their website for more information: For more updates, "Like" the project on Facebook!

Had no idea just how banned the series is, thank goodness it wasn't at my schools.  The Scary Story series was the most checked out, shared, and talked about series of books throughout all of my elementary school and even middle school years. I couldn't be more grateful to have spent my beginning years of reading with my head stuck in a series that really made me think, wonder, and stay fascinated about the unexplained. Especially because I reading was very hard for me, I just couldn't stay focused. I soon realized it was because I hadn't been reading anything I found interesting - until I found Scary Stories. Not only did this series get me more open to reading, but they peaked my interest in all things spooky, something that has heavily influenced me as a writer and filmmaker - something I just wouldn't have pursued if it wasn't for this series and other books like it. It's a real bummer that people have banned the series out of so many schools. If I had kids, these books would be required reading! 

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