Wednesday, November 4, 2015

My Halloween Costume for 2015...

Fiona Goode...

 ...from American Horror Story: Coven! 

I only recently got into the third season of American Horror Story: Coven - I know I'm super late to the game. I saw the first season long ago and wasn't that into it. The second season didn't grab me either. But when a few friends of mine suggested I watch season three, I gave it another chance and was so glad I did. Coven is fantastic - at least to me. It's everything I dig: witchcraft, New Orleans, voodoo, resurrection, and so much more! 

The writing (dialogue and structure) is so impressive and the acting is wonderful, of course. I mean, when you have Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett, you kind of can't go wrong - especially when they're all playing bitches. It's great. 

I decided to combine two of Fiona's costumes: the "Bitchcraft" episode ensemble she's known for (above) and the outfit she wears at nan's funeral from the episode, "Protect the Coven," (below) - just in case I got cold on Halloween night, turns out the wrap came in handy.

For the main part of the costume all I needed was a black blouse with a ruffled bottom (which I luckily found at the thrift store for $5), a black pencil skirt, black stockings, black gloves, and black heels. Not to mention the cool sunglasses...

... and the awesome black umbrella.

I was pretty excited to find the sunglasses at H&M, after much searching, but even luckier to have found an umbrella that actually resembled Fiona's! Took forever to find, but worth it.

Only 15 bucks!
I cut all the seams where the lace was sewn on, and I have to say it turned out to look pretty spot on.

Of course, there was one more major issue - I'm no blondie. So I had to find myself a blonde wig similar to Jessica Lange's gorgeous locks. Trickier than I thought since a lot of them were either white or intense yellow, and super curly, but finally I stumbled upon this one...

Again, only 15 bucks! I gave it as professional a haircut as I could and ended up with it looking pretty decent.

I happened to only have a men's styrofoam head at the time, so it kind of looks like Buffalo Bill dancing to Goodbye Horses... like exactly... (you can hear it now, can't you? So sorry)

A little better? Hope so. For the second look I just added a black hat I got at H&M ($25) and some millinery netting from JoAnn to go over the eyes (around $5, I think). 

The funeral costume also has a beautiful fur-trim wrap, so I half-assedly (not a word? It is now) created one by getting soft, thick black fabric and hot glue-gunning (cause it wouldn't be Halloween if Nina didn't get out her hot glue-gun) a black fur trim around the edges. 

So... what do you think?

Luckily my boyfriend's wonderful friends had a great Halloween party so we all got to celebrate together. Here's my cute man as Bacchus, the Roman god of agriculture and wine. Originally we had planned to dress up as Val Kilmer and Angelina Jolie from Alexander, but I ended up not having enough time to complete (or even really start) my Angelina costume, and he didn't have time to do the finishing touches to his costume either, so we changed things up. He was clever enough to call himself Bacchus and luckily, I had already made my Fiona costume for a party much earlier in the month so it was ready to go. I guess it was meant to be. 


  1. wonderful job...that's a classy costume.

    1. Thanks Rot! It was a great costume to put together!