Monday, January 25, 2016

Actual Gallows Hill

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       Not too long ago (probably back in 2012 or so) I saw an interesting documentary that I'm no longer able to find. It was about Salem, and the search for the actual location where the infamous 19 men and women were hanged during the witch trials. The host and researcher behind the documentary was a descendant of one of the accused (I want to say of Elizabeth Howe). In the end she discovered the exact location - this exact location - as "the one":

     Also found this while I was searching for the documentary (can't even remember the title), unrelated to Gallows Hill, but still interesting insight on the trials. Here, author Stacey Schiff adds explains, "It's a Story of Women":

"No one ever suffered afflictions without being able to name a witch."

And for fun, here she is on Stephen Colbert:

Stacy Schiff Explains How The Salem Witch... by nvx90sports

Check out her recent book (one I'll be adding to my list): The Witches: Salem, 1692 

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