Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Welcoming a New Year...

... and all the greatness it has to offer.

    2016 was rough. We, as a whole, were dealt a rough hand filled with tragedies, losses, and moments of despair. Personally, there were some difficulties I faced as well, but thankfully nothing too serious or detrimental, so overall, I am thankful for all of the goodness around me; friends, family, health, wealth, and happiness. Still, I faced a few growing pains that I have learned I must be patient with. The older I get the more I learn about patience. And the more I learn about patience, the more I also learn about action. How after enough patience, enough waiting, listening, learning, watching... action can and should be taken.
   I feel like I have spent the last year coasting, waiting for things to take off, for my life to begin in a lot of ways. This year, with patience, and my desire to finally take a little more action, step by step, I'm hoping to make some changes. So, here's to being more creative and working harder to finding ways to do the things I love like write and film more, take improv to the next few levels, and travel to the places I've always wanted - and to see what more I can do with my love for Halloween. May not happen all at once, or even all this year, but if not now, when? I just feel it's vital now more than ever to go after the things that fulfill me. After all, a wise witch I always looked up to once uttered some of the best advice I've ever heard, and I think it's time to follow it; "Magic is really very simple, you just have to want something and let yourself have it."

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