Friday, September 16, 2011

Witch Board

Angelhead: "Marvis Hazel Griffith, seen here in 1926 with the Ouija Board that was later connected with her untimely death. Her friends and family told reporters: 'Hazel was forever using the witch board. Always up late at night trying desperately to contact her deceased grandmother.' The night after she told her relatives that her grandmother Mary had indeed contacted her via the 'talking witch board.' She died alone in her father's study, the Ouija Board resting on the floor beside her. Cause of death remains 'unknown.'"


  1. This is a great story. I'm dying to know more - off to research!

  2. I thought it was interesting too, but when I tried to find anything on it, nothing came up. I believe the person who posted the photo on Flickr sort of just made it up. Some of their other photos have similar situations. Kind of a let down, I know. So I just quoted them in the post instead of supplying any info on the "story"-trust me I would have posted whatever I could have found.