Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013 Decor

Had an amazing time putting up the decorations this year. It's many of the same decorations we have all seen on my Flickr and Blog before, but each year I try to mix it up a bit. 

Probably my favorite part of the decor was creating the bloody walls. I basically did the same thing I did last year for my windows. Contact paper, red acrylic paint, and a sponge brush to splash the paint is really all you need. 

Also bought some cute purple and orange lights for the dining room, which kind of brought the room to life!

Definitely enjoyed this year's decor. It was simplified in many ways compared to previous years, but I decided to go with my gut and just put things out that really popped in the room. Lets just say blood splatter was the perfect example. 

Check out more on my Flickr Photostream: Halloween 2013 Set! 

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