Sunday, August 24, 2014

Madame Talbot

      Another great find at Pandora's Parlor is the art of Madame Talbot. These posters are beautiful, spooky, and an all-new favorite of mine. I bought myself a whole new friend, his name is Whiskey Jack.

  To view and purchase these fantastically gothic posters, check out Madame Talbot's website here
Here are a few more of my favorites from the website - definitely going to have to purchase a few more of these... I not only love how intricate the designs are, but I love how each poster (especially the historical or literary ones) is detailed in accuracy and specificity. Seriously these may be my new obsession...

Madame Talbot also has a unique gallery that displays the "Poster Progress," a behind the scenes, if you will, to these amazing works of art.  

Pandora's Parlor

     Antiquing in San Juan Capistrano the other day, I ran into a one of a kind booth that was right up my alley. Pandora's Parlor, even has its own website run by vendor and artist, Diane Armitage. 
Here's the official Pandora Parlor's blog as well as her official website where you can view more photos and get more information. 

I absolutely fell in love with all of her paintings too, especially the black cats! 

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Even Death Dealers visited her, here's a clip:

Saturday, August 23, 2014


     One of my absolute favorite booths at Scare LA! These artists are incredibly talented, designing and crafting everything from scratch, and were very nice and great to talk to as well. Here are some photos of their beautiful planchettes, spirit boards, and candles (and trust me, the candles smell fantastic! They mix the scents themselves so there's nothing else like them!). To view more of their products visit: Fiendies.

This adorable key chain beautiful planchette I purchased at Scare LA (I got the gold one).   

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'Bird-man' Update: Joe Eurell's Art

     After I posted about the Bird-man, a friend of mine named Joe Eurell, comedian and artist, decided to paint a bird-man of his own - which I love! As well as being an artist, Joe Eurell is a talented comedian in the southern California area who often performs at the Comedy Store in L.A. and other comedy clubs, check him out on YouTube.

Here's the original version.

And here's the final version. 

Scare LA Screening Experience


      Sorry I've not yet posted about my awesome Scare LA experience yet, but I figured I'd begin with the screening of Séance. It was really fun to see the short projected hugely like this and it was great to hear people's funny reactions to the fortune-seekers getting attacked. After getting a pretty strong round of applause, I was pretty happy with the showing. I was pretty pleased with how they organized the whole event, although I do wish they would have had a meet-up or mixer at some point for the filmmakers to get to know each other, only because it was hard to catch some of them; with all the fun going on downstairs at the convention, who could blame them for not sticking around for every movie. Overall, I really enjoyed the screening, as well as the whole convention. Monsters, shopping, art, and so much more!

    Also, I was super happy to get a few photos of Swamp Foetus being screened as well! Check them out here at Pumpkin Rot's amazing blog; What's Brewing. The audience was very impressed with it - you could tell by the "cool"'s and the "aw sick"'s... hey, it's California. 


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Scare LA Update: Séance

"Congratulations! Seance has been chosen to screen at ScareLA! Your 
screening date is Sunday, August 10th. Your film will be screened at 3:55 p.m."

Couldn't be more excited for this news! If you're attending Scare LA on August 10th, check it out!

Séance now has its own Facebook page, so feel free to give it a "Like": 

Don't forget to check out the screening schedule for both August 9th and 10th so you can make it to the other awesome looking films, one of which will be Swamp Foetus by, my all-time favorite, PumpkinRot, screening on the 9th.

Here's my Bio (and very awkward headshot) on Scare - Appearances.

If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, here's a 20% promo code I can offer to my followers (you wonderful people) that you may type in when purchasing your tickets (VIP tickets not included): SCARESCREEN.

Can't wait to see you there!