Thursday, April 7, 2016

Who Wants Butterbeer?!

 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has officially opened at Universal Studios Hollywood! 

    Out of all of the circulating videos introducing us Californians to the magic, this is the one I felt was most worthy of sharing, not only for its beauty (trust me, as a previous Disneyland cast member who has seen Fantasmic dozens of times - Disney ain't got nothin' on this), but also for all of us haunters and nerds alike who can't get enough soundtracks in our collection, here's John Williams himself, welcoming everyone to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter: 

    For those of us waiting for the crowds to die down over the next few months to a year, before we can attend, or even for those who may not make it out this way to visit, we can still enjoy this delectable "Adult Butterbeer" recipe via Pottery Barn in the meantime!


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