Sunday, April 3, 2016

Goodies and Gifts

    While recently browsing through my favorite Etsy artists, I gladly visited Dame Darcy's shop. Over the years this artist has been one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to the rare, yet intriguing genre of southern gothic. She is a talented, witchy, and a one of a kind artist who performs, illustrates, and sells incredible handmade goodies!

View today!

When I saw her 2016 Witch Calendar, I had to indulge...

    I was so excited when I purchased this gem, I decided to send a short heartfelt message to the Dame herself, just to say hi and remind her that her art is just as amazing as ever. I also thanked her for allowing my film crew and I to use her version of Down in Willow Garden, "Mercury Wine," in the credits of our film Avery Parrish Thieves. For more of her tracks, indulge here!

     Soon I received a response that made my heart leap! Dame Darcy was flattered and in turn shared both Avery Parrish Thieves and Séance on her social media sites, along with personally complimenting my work. As if I wasn't already feeling so flattered and happy, I became even more so when I received the witch calendar... along with an adorable gift...

There's nothing more rewarding than making great friends through great art. Cheers to all who agree, in the mean time, when it comes to Dame Darcy: Like, Follow, Read

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