Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Been very excited about Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland which will be released in March. I haven't always been a fan of the original Disney original version from 1951- don't know why, it just didn't appeal to me that much, but after my brother told me about a version done in 1988 including stop-animation, I immediately searched for clips of it on YouTube. In the process, I discovered "Alice in Wonderland" versions from 1903, 1915, and 1933 (which stars Cary Grant). Watching these has gotten even more excited about Tim Burton's upcoming picture!

The 1903 version:

Part 1 of the 1915 version:

A clip from the 1988 version:


  1. great collection of alices. i'll have to spend some time with the silent versions. but honestly, svankmajer always takes the cake.

  2. Yeah silent films are pretty hard to watch these days as we have become a pretty impatient generation with technology changing so rapidly. They are pretty creepy though, I think.