Friday, December 4, 2009

My Spellbook

Ok, so it's really an antique photo album, but it's from the Victorian era and the style is perfect for my witch's display. Thus, every year I put it alongside everything that goes on the witch's crafty table. I am pretty sure my aunt bought the album at an antique store a long time ago. I don't know how we ended having it, but I remember the first time my mom showed it to.

We were cleaning out the garage one day when I was pretty young, probably around eight- years-old. We were going through all sorts of things trying to organize when my mom came across the old photo album. She called my brother and me to come take a look. She started to pull it out of a box or behind one (can't remember) but she as she did so, there on the old album was a big black widow. She freaked out and my brother and I followed. Somehow she must have killed the spider and felt it was okay to pick up the book again. When she did, she opened the latch and began going through the pages. It was full of photos and tin-types taken during the Victorian era, probably of members from the same family, we assume. People we don't know though, all the more mysterious.

Seeing that photo album and all those faces from so long ago really intrigued me. At the time, I wasn't a fan of antiques (unlike now) but when I saw this album, it had quite an impact on me. And it still does today; it's a spooky antique, but one that I love. Every year, when I pull it out, I just have to take a good look inside, as if I can't have Halloween without doing so.

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