Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

As I walked out of the movie theatre after seeing Sherlock Holmes, I immediately had the desire to see the film again. The film was great on so many levels: I found the writing to be witty, the acting very good, and the overall direction was very well done. I loved the story and how it was full of little plot twists along the way and how they combined the ideas of magic and the laws of science which played into my favorite part; the art direction.

They fully succeeded in capturing London during the industrial revolution which really helped create a great look for Holmes' clever gadgets and messy study. Combining this time period and the story's elements of 'magic' really gave every scene a bit of an edge. What also gave the film an 'edge' was the editing & cinematography; I really liked the way flashbacks were edited and loved some of the clever camera shots. Even if this film isn't your thing, the music by Hans Zimmer is a must-have.

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