Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Twilight Zone

Watching The Twilight Zone classics was definitely a great way to spend New Year's Day. I didn't really remember that the marathon was on SyFy until last night, but I caught a few episodes before bed. It always fascinates me that there have been so many shows inspired by The Twilight Zone concept (every episode is a different scary story), but none hold up the way The Twilight Zone does. I suppose the show One Step Beyond does (it aired just before The Twilight Zone and is supposed to be based on true paranormal encounters), but many shows that came after just don't frighten us as much. I suspect that it is due to the fact that The Twilight Zone doesn't only rely on monsters, ghost, or aliens. Instead, it relies on the fear of them existing, the fear that there is more to what we think we know. It also contains lots of psychological themes, often having to do with people's memory, dreams, or uncertainty. When I watch episodes I have seen before, let alone ones that are new to me, I still find them entertaining and often pretty meaningful.

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