Friday, January 22, 2010

Viscount I.M. Laurie's Latest

As a filmmaker, I am very influenced by costume and set design and always find myself making collages or searching for photos and illustrations that inspire me. I often write blog posts about my findings or about other artists whose work stands out to me, like one of my favorite artists, I.M. Lowry. When I saw his most recent piece of artwork I immediately asked if I could feature it here.

I.M. Lowry often creates entire stories that go along with his beautiful illustrations, much like this one. His work consists of a detailed and structured point of view which can be seen in the buildings, clothing, and decor in his artwork (often inspired by Victorian age illustration). All aspects of his art, whether he is drawing a scene from the 18th century, iconic figures in history or mythology, or amazingly creative mechanical devices, I.M. Lowry produces his artwork in intricate and architectural ways. An artist with great talent, great style, and a great imagination- I.M. Lowry is definitely one of the best!

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