Friday, October 2, 2009

Haunted Fridays

  Fridays have always been my favorite day of the week. Not only has the weekend arrived, but when Friday rolls around there is such a spirited feeling in the air, as if none of the difficult things we face during the other days in the week can bother us on this awesome day. Not to mention kicking back with my friends (or even just my mom) to eat pizza, drink soda, and tune into the Travel Channel's line-up of "Haunted Shows" as I call them. 
       Friday just wouldn't be the same without Ghost Adventures, Most Haunted, Weird Travels, and all the reruns of random ghost documentaries from the 90's. The best part of the reruns are the reenactments, no doubt. The acting and special effects can be so cheesy, we hit the ground laughing. I think started watching the line-up of these shows about three years ago during late summer. At the time I was surprised to see that Most Haunted was being aired in the States (my family and I had seen it when we visited my aunt in Scotland two years before and now it was becoming popular in the U.S.).
       To this day, I still watch the Friday night line-up of spooky shows. The activity that Ghost Adventures gets is often very impressive while Most Haunted mostly consists of the team scaring themselves. Either way both shows are quite entertaining and I'll be sure to post more on these shows later.


  1. that pizza looks so delicious to eat(and i just ate a BLT sandwich.)

    nice picture of heather o'rourke's head(even though its the back of it.)

  2. Thanks for commenting, yeah I love the poltergeist photo.