Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New England?

     Living in Southern California, one doesn't always get that "Traditional Halloween in New England Feeling"... it's really more like a desert with a beach next to it and around October is usually when fires begin to break out. I happen to be one of those few people who pathetically tries to pretend that it's cold when it isn't, that everyone around me has at least a little bit of Halloween excitement on their minds, and that the trees are at some point going to turn beautiful fall colors. 
       Most Haunters I have heard of live somewhere on the East Coast and talk about the gorgeous seasonal look that their locations acquire every year. On my Halloween night, there's usually so many wild fires going around that we have to be careful not to put too many it candles outside. Instead we have to use some of those fake, battery-powered tea-lights. On the whole it doesn't bother me that much, those little candles do come in handy and "So Cal" is a pretty awesome place to live, our winters aren't freezing cold. I just always end up being the only person living in a beach town that doesn't really go to the beach, instead I plan Halloween stuff. I think it's safe to say I am obsessed.

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