Monday, October 12, 2009

Trick 'r Treat: I Watched It...

       ... and I watched it twice. After seeing the film "Trick 'r Treat" on Friday night with my friend I asked myself what most people asked after they saw it, "Why wasn't it in theaters?" 
       I rented the movie thinking that it would be like every other horror film, blood, guts, easy to predict, and probably some bad acting along the way. Turns out it wasn't as ordinary as I thought. The trailer I had seen back in 2007 was pretty awesome and because it was full of so much Halloween goodness, I just had to see it. Throughout the film, I found the witty humor, the unexpected little twists, and the beautiful production design to be engaging and enjoyable. The story was also quite smart, it consisted of several stories that slightly related to each other on All Hallow's Eve. All the loose ends were tied in unexpected ways and the writing, acting, and fun horror film elements all added up to create a very fun Halloween film. Why it wasn't in theaters probably had to do with some business technicality, but no matter: this film is definitely worth seeing. 


  1. Couldn't agree more.
    LOVED this film.
    Watched it a few times already.
    The commentary is wonderful. Dougherty sorta takes some digs at the studios for their mindset on what they consider horror vs what horror fans consider horror.
    Had a blast listening to some background on Trick 'r Treat.

  2. Wow I will definitely have to check it out! I loved the "Season's Greetings" cartoon on the DVD, it was old school. I wished there were more cartoons like it.