Friday, November 20, 2009

Chester, England

When my family and I visited Europe, one of my favorite places out of the many that we visited had to be Chester, England. Chester, founded by the Romans, is a city full of beautiful architecture. The black and white medieval/tudor era buildings were very appealing to me and I remember thinking about Halloween when I was there (Halloween is always on my mind). Why would I think about Halloween when we were on vacation during the summer? I suppose it was because everywhere I looked, I saw gorgeous black and white buildings amongst many orangey-brick buildings. The three colors together made me think of Halloween and I imagined how amazing a Halloween celebration could be in such a perfect looking city, even though the English don't seem to decorate for Halloween quite as extreme as people in the US. I guess I also thought of Halloween because while we were there, Chester was being explored by archeologists at the time, searching for some ancient artifacts I suppose- all the more reason for my Halloween curiosity to wonder.

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