Friday, November 6, 2009

Night Shots?

"The Pickety Witch's Realm"

One of the few I got, but a pretty good one.

Barely enough time this year to get any night shots, but when I finally had a chance to go outside and take some during the party, I came outside only to find that everything had disappeared, my display, gone! Then my mom and my aunt came around the corner from the garage, "We thought you'd like that we cleaned everything up so you wouldn't have to..." they said. I was so bummed. I was grateful, sure, it was very kind of them to help me out with all that hard work, but I hardly had any night shots! They could see that I was unhappy and I felt bad for being unhappy, but I had waited all year to take them. After sulking a bit, I assured them it wasn't a huge deal, and that I was thankful, but next year... it's on.

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