Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Me as Billy Butcherson

My Halloween costume for 2009 (Billy Butcherson from "Hocus Pocus") came out really well. To create the full look, I started by looking closely at and collected pictures of him from the internet (the same I do when I get inspired by anything; I make a collage of it). Then I make some quick sketches to visually list all the things I need to complete the look.

I look around to see if I have anything that can work and if not, I head over to the thrift store. This year I found a weird pair of brown pants that lace-up in the front (very random for everyday wear, but perfect for my costume). I also found a cream-colored satin button-up blouse with pretty puffy sleeves. My aunt helped me sew lace ruffles to the shirt and some lace to the cuffs. She actually sewed the whole jacket too, and she did an amazing job! We cut the pants just below the knee and the costume was really coming together. All I had to do was buy cream-colored stockings (which I later dyed in tea and coffee along with the fabric I used as a hair ribbon) and some green face make-up. After that, the distresses on the costume began.

I tried random dry brushing with dark water-color, charcoal, even rubbing the whole costume in the fire pit. After all that, it just didn't show up enough, so I did as my mother suggested, I wrinkled the whole thing up and dabbed it with paint and did my best to make it look messy. Finally that seemed to work best and to add even more age to it, I glued bits of cobwebs all over it. After I had worn the costume for a while, however, the cobwebs eventually fell off and began to appear in random places all over the house.

At first I was pretty bummed, but after a while it didn't bother me so much, I was having too much fun!
As for my hair and make-up? My mom teased my hair like crazy last minute and I quickly applied the green face make-up and black eye shadow, then I used some eyeliner for the stitches. Overall, I was extremely happy with the way it came out, wish I had gotten the chance to take some better pictures of it though. Perhaps I will ask my friends who are really into photography if we can have a little photo shoot pretty soon...


  1. Nothing like a good stitched up mouth I always say!

  2. yeah i tend to find them interesting. mercury wine now this haha, also i put a stiched mouth in one of my stories lol