Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

All Gathered for a Seance

Well, this Halloween was a very special one! Thanks to my mom, my aunt, and our good friend Rita, we gathered our magic powers together to create a festive party on Saturday night to celebrate the greatest night of all: All Hollow's Eve. Putting the party together was a major piece of work (decor, food...) but it all payed off in the end. I get such a kick out of seeing all my friends dress up in crazy costumes I also love how they are all so accepting of my strange love for Halloween.
During the day, and the day before, I spent every minute I could on making the decor look just right. I don't know how my family puts up with me and my habits of being a big perfectionist when it comes to my favorite day, but they still stood by me. I had decorated the inside of the house a week prior and worked on all the finishing touches on it on Friday. Saturday, I put all the outside decor together to create my spooky displays. Usually instead of changing things up every year, I tend to just add on to my old traditional displays- with a few new tweaks, of course, so this year I used the small amounts of time I had to spice things up just a little bit more than they were last year. And with that I'd like to say thanks to all who helped me out this year, including all the amazing artists who inspired me- Thanks!
I promise to post some pictures of the decor very soon, but in the mean time, enjoy viewing them on Flickr at My Photostream.


  1. LOVE this photo.

    Looks like the classiest party ever.

  2. Thanks, it was so much fun! It was friend's idea to do a group shot in the seance room, wish I had thought of it, lol.