Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Smudge

A few weeks ago we had to put one of my cats to sleep. I just loved this picture of her from last year with a little Halloween costume on (most cats hate having to wear things and be messed with by their owners so I was sure to just get this picture of her before taking it right off.) I really loved this cat and miss her greatly.

Talk about what a strange little creature she was, my Smudge was just like a little monster. She was quite fat, pretty lazy, always made the strangest whiny noises if you dared pick her up (and wouldn't stop until you'd put her down). She always looked paranoid and nervous about anything that may happen, like if someone just entered a room, very simple things freaked her out. She purred so loud the whole couch she would be sitting on would vibrate, and (my all-time favorite) when you'd wake her up from a nap, she would lift her head up with a stream of drool coming down from her mouth and she'd give you this look like if she were human, she'd kill you, then she would pull one of her whiny little growls. The thing my mom and I absolutely loved about her was that the markings in her fur made it look like she wore a jacket that could never fit, perfect for a chubby kitty.

The best part about Smudge, and her sister Trouble, is that no matter how angry they may get, they never bite or scratch us. Still Smudge was a weird little cat, one that most people thought may have been mentally-challenged, which could be very true, even so it just makes me love her more for being so different, quirky, and random. I miss my little monster kitty.

Here she is, her chub consuming her sister Trouble.

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  1. Aww...Nini I really miss her too. What a sweet little tribute to our chubby little pal...dxxx