Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Wild Thing

I was so happy this Halloween when I discovered that all of my friends got really into their costumes. I will probably do posts about them all eventually, but I decided to start with my best friend Alex: The Wild Thing. He made his costume all by hand, inspired by the release of the film "Where the Wild Things Are."

One of the funniest parts of Halloween night this year was when my guests and I ventured out into the neighborhood to do some "Big Kid" trick 'r treating. After walking across the street and down the Hill, Alex (who had just arrived at my house) called us asking where we were. I felt terrible, how could we forget to wait for him?! I gave him some directions so that he could meet us, but I worried that they weren't very good directions, so I decided to walk up the hill by myself to see if I could find him. My friend told me that he had dressed up as a Wild Thing and shouldn't be too hard to spot.

Let's keep in mind that I wasn't wearing my glasses as I was trying to keep the whole look of my costume original and creepy; with that said, I walked up the steep hill, all alone, squinting my eyes in search of Alex, or a Wild Thing, I should say. Soon, I could see a figure of a person walking down the hill on the other side of the street. It looked like it had a huge tummy, a huge head, and no arms. Finally I asked, "Are you Alex?" The figure turned and said, "Yeah." At this point I was so relieved that I had found our Wild Thing and shouted, "Get your butt over here, dude!"
Turns out he had not only made such an amazing Wild Thing costume (a stuffed tummy, round animal-like mask...), but he accidentally made the mask in a way that the eye-holes fell too low when he put the mask on. Because he had trouble seeing, he started holding the mask up with his hands for most of the night- the main reason I thought he had no arms... I should just get contacts for crying out loud.

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